Just in case you were wondering what the hell a Cooch Gooch is let me explain it to you..It originated from my Man Big La. My boy Fredo coined the term..He use to call Big La the cooch gooch, because he was always looking for some cheap pussy..Cooch Meaning Pussy and Gooch is from the old Show Different Strokes, in which the bully was named The Gooch..So its basically pussy bully i guess..lol..But I took the name a lil further on my escipades in the night life streetwalkers..MILFS were always my favorite types of females, and thats what I really hunt down. You might find a  few younger girls but its mostly freak ass MILFS i found. So if your a fan of Black MILFS who do anything for a buck then this site is for you..All amateur,,all original content..The Cooch Gooch is back
Whats A Cooch Gooch