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Now this is a rare video..An actual japanese smoke streetwalker..I dont know how she ended up in my area but I took the opportunity. Sorry to say that this was a waste of time. She was so spaced out she couldn't focus. I might have gotten about 5 min worth of pussy and 1 min worth of head..Still crazy to see how paranoid she
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This was a funny ass video. She wanted to doa video so we gave her a shot. She was actin real funny with the pussy so i fucked the shit out of to teach her a lesson. She was mad cause I pounded her out..short video but another classic MILF scene
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This is some classic footage from years ago. Features a 37 yr old MILF named Blondie. She was a live wire and love to have fun. We drank some Henny and she was ready. Sucked me off real nice, and I gave her a good dick down. She didn't rush or anything..Very nice evening we had..Love the non rush hoes the best
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Deaf Slut Treecee (fucking for the hearing impaired)
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Q was at the crib one day and needed a few extra dollars so i told her she had to fuck for it. After talkin me to death she decided to give up the pussy.  Took me about 6 minutes to get inside her..She was complaining and scared, but once I got in, she loved it..She needs to get fucked more often I see
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Theresa returns. This is my personal anal slut. Anytime I'm ready she's ready. This is from the other night.  We met up at the motel and she wanted some dick real bad. Man I fucked her real good, especially up her ass. Tore that shit up lovely as you can see from the preview.  She will be a permenant fixture on this site guaranteed.  She got some good ass and pussy for 42 yrs old
Theresa Returns
3 Hole Street Slut Chocolate Thunder
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Added 3/7/14
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