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Got a special treat for the true cooch gooch fans.  Lets just call her The Body, because for 55 yrs old, her body is on point.  Was out in Jersey City one night scoutin for hoes and bumped into her and she was ready.  Man she had some good ass pussy and her ass was crazy.. I fucked her dam near all night, even in the morning..She was lovin the dick..There will be a part 2 coming real soon..
Introducing Patti Cakes The Body
STATUS: Somewhere in Jersey
Now Shirly is my neighbors mom. I've known her for years but didn't realize she was a freak nasty bitch. She pushed up on me one day, and I told her whatever we do must be on video..She agreed and this is what we have here. She 53 yrs old and got some good wet pussy.  She loves rubbing her clit and creaming on my dick.  She claims to have a deep pussy until you bang that shit out. Wait till u see me put it down..She can take dick, but u know how i do it..Great gonzo vid..
Introducing Miss Shirly Creamy MILF (53 yrs old)
STATUS: Open Off The Dick
Niki Miraj is back with a fatter ass than before..Bumped into her the other day and she was ready willing and able to fuck..She was bragging about how better her head game was and how she can take dick now, so I put her to the test..Yes the head wasn't bad but she put me to shame on this one..She takes too much dick..Someone really stretched her out..Bitch was dam near laughing at me when I was fucking..Fuck it man i got to give that another shot and get some revenge,,lol
STATUS: Wide Open
Niki Miraj Takes Too Much Dick!!
Patti Cakes The Body The Day After
This is part 2 from our all nighter. As soon as she woke up in the morning she wanted some dick, so you already know how I do..Dick was hard and ready for that fat ass. I think she got more than she can handle..Busted a nice early morning nut and skated up outta town..Never seen her again
STATUS: Looking For Her
Violet's Night With Da Boys
Violet was up for the challenge of taking on 3 of us. She came through and we was ready to tear her ass up..Man we all got some good fucking in, from the hot tub to the and my niggas pounded her slut ass out..This was a night to remember for her..She took a whole lotta dick..2 hours or more worth of footage..
STATUS: Always Want Dick
I met Sweets out in Jersey one night and she was down for whatever. She was pregnant and needed a few dollars.. After a brief convo, we came back to BK to hang out.  When we got to the hotel she turned into a straight beast for some dick..She loves good dick as she says, so I gave her some good dick.  Fucked her brains out and had her open off of me..I had to stop talking to her, because she was a lil obsessive..Pussy was creamy and good but she wasn't wrapped to tight..What a waste..Oh Yeah creampied the pussy too
Pregnant MILF Sweets
STATUS: Dont Know Dont Want To Know
Some throwback footage of the infamous Miss Pussy in her early days. SHe use to come through and let me do whatever I wanted to do.. She sucked dick, took dick and took a huge dildo..You know how she gets down...real dirty..just the wayI like them..Great scene for the Miss Pussy Fans!!
STATUS: Ummm..Good Question
Miss Pussy Throwback Footage
Very Rare Cocoa Video (Young N Slim)
No here's some unique footage I dug out the crates..Couldn't find this video for shit, but here it is..Cocoa has been featured on this site many times, but this is the 1st time I ever met her. She was young and slim in this one but still a freak..We fucked most of the night and I even stuck my dick in her ass when she was out cold.  This is some old classic footage I know you guys will enjoy..
STATUS: Seen her the other day..big as a house !
Oon Foo Foo's Very 1st Video (anal included)
Here's the story..We were suppose to shoot another chick and my boy came all the way to bk and the chick cancelled. He gets on CL and somehow finds another chick to shoot and this is who shows up.  He wasnt to pleased about her so he took one for the team.  She wasn't bad at all, actually a real good slut..She took it up the ass and swallowed his load with no problem..And the rest is history
STATUS: Lost Contact..u see her tell her hit me!!
ADDED Jan 22 2015