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Miss China Doll (Deep Freak)
Nikki Miraj put me on to this 6 foot 1 streetwalker.  She needed some quick cash and was down for a video.  after smoking some kush we went righ down to business.  After a nice BJ i had to test this pussy out, and to my surprise she was pretty deep. I went full force on that vagina until i nutted in the condom. overall not bad, but she has no walls at all..niggas done ran through this one inthe streets..
STATUS: Who Knows
Daisy Duke From Kentucky
Here's a blast from the past..Miss daisy duke..20 yr old smoker from kentucky..Met her on the stroll one night on fulton and classon and thats all she wrote..She smoked and we fucked all night..Then i let my boys come over and hit it..thats another update..But yeah I dogged that pussy out lovely..She took a good pounding i tell ya..Never seen her again
STATUS: Lost One
Introducing LiL Bit
Another blast from the past out the older archives. This one features LiL Bit, a lil cool ass bitch i use to know..This footage was caught when she just got out of jail and was nice and thick..We chopped it up for a minute then got down to business right in the back seat..She gave up some super head for real, then I fucked the shit out of her until she cried..she earned that money for real that night..
STATUS: Smoked Out
Added 2/3/14
How I Met Raven
Youv'e probably seen Raven on a few sites and this is exactly how i met her.. i was uptown cruisin around and spotted her walking around..i knew she was a freak for some reason so i approached her and she was ready..We went to the hotel that night and i fucked her raw and bust all in the pussy..and we was cool ever
STATUS: Spoke To Her The Other Day..She Good!!
Deep Donna
STATUS: Locked Up
Added 3/7/14
Donna was my neighbor for a long time before I discovered she was selling pussy.  When I found out I spent a few bucks bangin that shit out. She use to come by here and there , and this was one of those sessions where i fucked her hard.  Set up my hidden cam and went to work on that pussy..Made sure and got my money's worth..she acted like she could take dick until the end..Good shit
Miss Pussy's 2 Hour Fuck Session With Creampie Included
STATUS: Tell her To Holla
Added 3/21/14
This is some unreleased footage of the infamous Miss Pussy.  This is one of many of our fuck sessions from back in the day when we use to get a room and fuck for hours.  This night she got 2 hours worth of dick. With the extention, and without, and it even ended with a thick creampie..I fucked her till I couldn't fuck anymore and like a good hoe she took the dick or at least tried to take it..
My Personal MILF Teresa Is Back Again
Youv'e seen me tear her ass up a few times on this site , and here's another one from our most recent fuck session..Teresa likes to meet up to get some black dick..she only fucks when i fuck her.. I was defintely in the mood for a dick down and gave her what she wanted..I even got to fuck her up the ass as a grand finale..Teresa is a good MILF slut..not bad for 50 yrs old..
Added 4/1/14
STATUS: Stressed Out
New MILF on the block Miss Violet
Oh yeah, got a new one for yall cooch gooch fans.  My boy put me on to this freakzoid..She 40 and love to fuck..she came to the hotel acting like she a real dick taker so i put her to the test..After a good ass blowjob, I just let loose on her..I was defintely in the mood to tear some pussy up and she came right on time..Bet she never got a dick down like that..I might want some more of that deep ass pussy..Not bad at all!!
STATUS: New Pussy
Added 4/17/14