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Very Rare Cocoa Video (Young N Slim)
No here's some unique footage I dug out the crates..Couldn't find this video for shit, but here it is..Cocoa has been featured on this site many times, but this is the 1st time I ever met her. She was young and slim in this one but still a freak..We fucked most of the night and I even stuck my dick in her ass when she was out cold.  This is some old classic footage I know you guys will enjoy..
STATUS: Seen her the other day..big as a house !
Oon Foo Foo's Very 1st Video (anal included)
Here's the story..We were suppose to shoot another chick and my boy came all the way to bk and the chick cancelled. He gets on CL and somehow finds another chick to shoot and this is who shows up.  He wasnt to pleased about her so he took one for the team.  She wasn't bad at all, actually a real good slut..She took it up the ass and swallowed his load with no problem..And the rest is history
STATUS: Lost Contact..u see her tell her hit me!!
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Teresa Returns 50 Pounds Heavier..LOL
Look who I bumped into the other day, Miss Teresa, one of my favorite anal MILFS.  She hit me up after about a year and wanted to start back some anal training. I said cool, meet me at the hotel, and she was there quick fast.  I was like damn you been eating, she got extra thick now, even the ass got fatter. I took it easy on her at first then I went in at the end..Lookis like I'll be tapping that 48 yr old ass more often..And yes she took it all up that ass..
STATUS: She Back At it!!
ADDED April 17th 2015
Look who I bumped into the other day..Motherfuckin Nikki Miraj and that donk of a booty she got..I just happend to see this bitch walkin down the block and I was like yo lets meet up later, you already know she was down.  Went to the tellie and worshiped that ass for a while then I got to fuckin..I was on my game this time and even creampied the bitch, but It got lost in her..Always a pleasure banging that ass, might just see her
My New Poundout Bitch Nikki Miraj
STATUS: She need that daddy dick