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Violet was up for the challenge of taking on 3 of us. She came through and we was ready to tear her ass up..Man we all got some good fucking in, from the hot tub to the and my niggas pounded her slut ass out..This was a night to remember for her..She took a whole lotta dick..2 hours or more worth of footage..
Violet's Night With Da Boys
STATUS: Always Want Dick
This is part 2 from our all nighter. As soon as she woke up in the morning she wanted some dick, so you already know how I do..Dick was hard and ready for that fat ass. I think she got more than she can handle..Busted a nice early morning nut and skated up outta town..Never seen her again
Patti Cakes The Body The Day After
STATUS: Looking For Her
Niki Miraj is back with a fatter ass than before..Bumped into her the other day and she was ready willing and able to fuck..She was bragging about how better her head game was and how she can take dick now, so I put her to the test..Yes the head wasn't bad but she put me to shame on this one..She takes too much dick..Someone really stretched her out..Bitch was dam near laughing at me when I was fucking..Fuck it man i got to give that another shot and get some revenge,,lol
Niki Miraj Takes Too Much Dick!!
STATUS: Wide Open
Now Shirly is my neighbors mom. I've known her for years but didn't realize she was a freak nasty bitch. She pushed up on me one day, and I told her whatever we do must be on video..She agreed and this is what we have here. She 53 yrs old and got some good wet pussy.  She loves rubbing her clit and creaming on my dick.  She claims to have a deep pussy until you bang that shit out. Wait till u see me put it down..She can take dick, but u know how i do it..Great gonzo vid..
STATUS: Open Off The Dick
Introducing Miss Shirly Creamy MILF (53 yrs old)
Introducing Patti Cakes The Body
Got a special treat for the true cooch gooch fans.  Lets just call her The Body, because for 55 yrs old, her body is on point.  Was out in Jersey City one night scoutin for hoes and bumped into her and she was ready.  Man she had some good ass pussy and her ass was crazy.. I fucked her dam near all night, even in the morning..She was lovin the dick..There will be a part 2 coming real soon.
STATUS: Somewhere in Jersey
Pregnant MILF Sweets
I met Sweets out in Jersey one night and she was down for whatever. She was pregnant and needed a few dollars.. After a brief convo, we came back to BK to hang out.  When we got to the hotel she turned into a straight beast for some dick..She loves good dick as she says, so I gave her some good dick.  Fucked her brains out and had her open off of me..I had to stop talking to her, because she was a lil obsessive..Pussy was creamy and good but she wasn't wrapped to tight..What a waste..Oh Yeah creampied the pussy too
STATUS: Dont Know Dont Want To Know
No here's some unique footage I dug out the crates..Couldn't find this video for shit, but here it is..Cocoa has been featured on this site many times, but this is the 1st time I ever met her. She was young and slim in this one but still a freak..We fucked most of the night and I even stuck my dick in her ass when she was out cold.  This is some old classic footage I know you guys will enjoy..
Very Rare Cocoa Video (Young N Slim)
STATUS: Seen her the other day..big as a house !
Here's the story..We were suppose to shoot another chick and my boy came all the way to bk and the chick cancelled. He gets on CL and somehow finds another chick to shoot and this is who shows up.  He wasnt to pleased about her so he took one for the team.  She wasn't bad at all, actually a real good slut..She took it up the ass and swallowed his load with no problem..And the rest is history
Oon Foo Foo's Very 1st Video (anal included)
STATUS: Lost Contact..u see her tell her hit me!!
Look who I bumped into the other day, Miss Teresa, one of my favorite anal MILFS.  She hit me up after about a year and wanted to start back some anal training. I said cool, meet me at the hotel, and she was there quick fast.  I was like damn you been eating, she got extra thick now, even the ass got fatter. I took it easy on her at first then I went in at the end..Lookis like I'll be tapping that 48 yr old ass more often..And yes she took it all up that ass..
Teresa Returns 50 Pounds Heavier..LOL
STATUS: She Back At it!!
Look who I bumped into the other day..Motherfuckin Nikki Miraj and that donk of a booty she got..I just happend to see this bitch walkin down the block and I was like yo lets meet up later, you already know she was down.  Went to the tellie and worshiped that ass for a while then I got to fuckin..I was on my game this time and even creampied the bitch, but It got lost in her..Always a pleasure banging that ass, might just see her
My New Poundout Bitch Nikki Miraj
STATUS: She need that daddy dick
Had to bring Sweets back for another round but this is actually her first vid with me. We were uptown in Harlem at some crazy ass motel and yes I fucked the shit out of her..You can see in the sample how she was actin over the dick..She ended up being a stalker so I had to loose her..too bad because she had some good pussy
Sweets Loves The Dick
STATUS: Too Much Bullshit
Been a minute since I updated but I been on the hunt for some new MILF and here we are. Granny MILF Maria loves to get fucked hard..She rushes you a bit but loves a good dick down in which I proceeded to give her.  Bangd it out so good , she wont stop calling some new shit coming real soon..stay tuned!!
Granny Maria Takes Some Dick Or At Least Tries
STATUS: Umm I'm Good
That Real Street Back Seat Head
The saga continues as I roam the streets lookin for that cheap untapped talent and who do I bump into one night on the prowl..Miss Yaya. For some reason she looked like a good dick sucker and I was right..This bitch actually made me nut off the head alone..All in my car..We have to move around to find a good spot, but she did her job..Got to get me some more..Back on my street walker shit..
STATUS: Available
Yep I'm always on the hunt for some good pussy and look what I found..Miss Cheyanne ex Amish girl from out in PA..Nice fat ass, and loves to fuck and suck..Me and my boy Sincere got busy with her. She takes dick real good, and loves to get fucked extra hard until she cums..I got to get another shot at her by myself, for that real dick down..Maybe I'll let Turk get a crack at it..Good shit though.
PAWG Booty Miss Cheyanne (Ex Amish Girl)
STATUS: Ready And Willing
Grandma Shirley returns for another funny scene..She usually calls me once a month to get some dick..I'm like fuck it, you let me record, you get some dick..Of course I fucked her extra hard till she almoste wetted herself..She act like she cant take dick but I know she can..I dropped a big load in that pussy this time..She will be back as usual..
Granny Shirley Fucked Hard!!
STATUS: Freak Bitch
Cheena is a pretty 40 yr old Latina MILF with a real nice body and super wet pussy..With that being said, you know I tried to tear it apart..She's never ever been on video, so here's her intro to the world..I fucked for almost an hour straight with this good ass pussy. Dam near passed out..She tried to take the dick but you can see she kinda had a hard time..good video though..I need another shot at her..
40 Yr Old Cheena Dick Down Session
Met Blackie out in PA..She was a lil strung out but the pussy was good..I fucked her extra hard..I knew she could take it but she act like she cound't..She's a basic bang out bitch..Now she all onmy dick but I'm good..Maybe one day I'll see her again..Until then..Adios!!!
Blackie Gets Pounded Out
My Boy 's Slut Came Through
My boy let me borrow his slut for a day and boy o boy I didn't want to give her back..She sucked the skin off my dick and fucked real good..I had a long session with her which ended with her swallowing my load..Man he trained her real good..Nice young and nasty..More to come of her..
STATUS: Somehwere Frontin
Valerie Love is a sweet white freak I met out in York Pa. She such a nice woman and got some great pussy. She sucks dick real good too..Watch how I got deep in this white slut. She took as much as she can, but didn't tap out. Fucked her for about an hour and some change.. Been fucking her for awhile and have plenty of footage coming soon..For now check out how I pounded that white pussy out..
MILF Valerie Luv's Marital Affair With BBC
STATUS: Easy Access
Found some Miss Pussy footage digging through some boxes..I didn't realize I filmed her so much until now..but here it is..All night vision..I had the extention piece for my dick that day and she took every inch like a good girl..Always good to see her take dick..nice slim body, lil booty, real freak!!
Miss Pussy's Lost And Found Video
STATUS: Maybe a Few More Cuming
My new favorite slut is Back. Submissive Cheyanne does what she's told..SHe gives up that fat white booty anytime i want..This was from the other night when she stopped at my boys crib and blessed me with some good head and pussy for free..You know I always got my camera handy so here it is, fresh off the press, a good hard fuck for deep pussy Cheyanne..
Cheyanne Stopped By For Some Dick
STATUS: My Pussy
Aint nothin like some new pussy and thats what we got here..Me and Turk went out on a limb just looking for bitches and we found one..We bagged her from the streets and went straight to the hotel..Yo shorty ass is crazy fat and the pussy is wet and creamy. We took turns fuckin the shit out of her for a good hour..She was a good sport and did whatever we wanted..100% real shit right here, dont miss this one..
Street Slut Gives It Up Lovely!!
STATUS: My New Fuck Buddy
Sorry for the delay on all my sites just had to handle alot of business, but yes I have lots of new shit for yall, starting with Mimi..Nice dark skin MILF with that crazy bubble booty for days. She's a quiet fuck but she got some good ass pussy.  She came by after we met the same day and gave it up real nice..Might have to fuck her a few more times
Aint Nothin Like A Fat Ass!!
STATUS: I need more of this one
Val is my lil side thang I use to fuck every now and then and I got the tapes to prove was another one of our private sessions.  She use to love this big dick..I trained that pussy to take all of it too. I use to fuck her senseless..This was early when we meant hence the condom..But all in all a good white slut..
My Personal White Slut
STATUS: Heard She was all cleaned up
You already know I find them girls everywhere I go..I'm not gonne even tell yall what state this one came from but she's a fire young milf named Karma Phey..Her pussy is equipped to handle BBC.  This is actually the 2nd time we fucked, and I left a big ass load in her after a good poundout..She was real cool, but she dissappeared as they all do. Enjoy her while you can..
Yep Sassi is back but this time she about 7 months pregnant, and no its not was surprised when she popped up with that big stomach, but that dont change her freaky ways..Stomach or not she wanted to get pounded out, and you know how I get down..I fucked her like she wasn't even pregnant..Hard and deep with a fat creampie..Yall gone love this one..
STATUS: Yep we still get it in
Fuck The Shit Out Of Cheena (creampie)
STATUS: Got A Lil Thicker in the ass
Always got to bring Miss Pussy back and its always a good time with her..This is a classic from way back when she use to take bats in her pussy.  I had all the dildos lined up for her and she took them all. And after the dildos I dicked her down real good.  SHe had a difficult time with the bat though, I dont know why..
Always got to bring Miss Pussy back and its always a good time with her..This is a classic from way back when she use to take bats in her pussy.  I had all the dildos lined up for her and she took them all. And after the dildos I dicked her down real good.  SHe had a difficult time with the bat though, I dont know why.
Miss Pussy Goes All Out
STATUS: Blast from the past
Man am I lucky to have these videos with the infamous MILF Vanessa.  This video is quite old but new to everyone else.  I like to hold on to the good stuff But here it is a 100% anal scene with this MILF freak.  Yall know how she like it, nice and easy. Her ass got so creamy it was crazy.  Very nice scene and know you will enjoy.
100% Anal For MILF Vanessa (she's back)
STATUS: Yep The Legend Has Returned
My favorite Latina MILF is back like she never left. She had to come back for this daddy dick, and you know I gave it to her hard and rough.  It started off with me and my boy but ended up with just me and her fucking.  I definitely got up in  them guts since I haven't seen her in awhile. Always a pleasure fucking fire out of her..way more to come.
STATUS: Back Like She Never Left
Cheena Takes Dick For Real
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U know I had to bring yall to the end first now here's the beginning. This is Karma Phays 1st video when I met her down in PA.  She needed some cash real fast so we filmed this.  Didn't take long before I was in her guts and banging that shit out. We fucked and she left and that was that.  We only shot 2 scenes in all so enjoy this last one.
STATUS: MIA if yall see her tell her hit me 3477977801
Karma Phey's 1st Video
Here's some old shit I dug up of Miss Shirley. She love taking dick even though she cant and loves creampies..I pounded her ass out good, she know where to come for some hard fucking
STATUS: She still be hitting me for the
Classic Miss Shirly
Sassi wanted some dick for weeks so I finally got with her and tought her a good lesson. That pussy wasn't ready for what I had planned. My tongue game had her fucked up 1st then when I fucked her she couldn't take no dick so I fucked her even more. Great non dick taking scene. Had to bedroom bully
Had To Teach Sassi A Lesson
She's back but cant take no dick at all. This was a hard session for her..She kept tapping out, but somehow I finished. This the last video of her, enjoy!!
The Cant Take Dick Session With Skylar